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Our MC Testimonial

Celia and Jack

We are so happy we had hkweddingplanner to arrange professional wedding mc service for our wedding. They kept everyone happy and entertained from the beginning till the celebrant ended.

Joyce and Brian

It’s one of the right decisions I’ve made to have Sara and Tim as our wedding mc. All our guests felt comfortable having fun with them. It made the whole wedding under a happy atmosphere. Special thanks to them that they had helped us choose the appropriate music and songs for each section; they really did a good job. They are so nice that make us feel that they are just like our friends. Once again, Thank you!

Fanny and 阿強

我們由決定結婚到婚宴當晚其實只有不足一個月時間. 而當我們確定聘請  HKWEDDINGPLANNER 安排當晚的婚禮司儀時, 距離婚宴只有一個星期, 好在有兩位司儀的建議及安排, 令我們省卻了不少煩惱. 當晚一切的流程全交付給兩位專業婚宴司儀, 全晚氣氛都很好, 而且之後也有好多親戚朋友向我們稱讚當晚的安排, 真的要多謝你們的服務.

Frank and Susana

If initially doubted if we had spent an extra cost to employ wedding mc for our ceremony as I thought I could ask my brother instead. It’s my wife’s decision to insist so I just followed. But after my “big day” I understand how important for a wedding to have an experienced mc.  Sara and Vinson had caught everyone’s attention and all the guests were very happy. They made good contact with guests and relatives since the reception. After that day I gave million thanks to my wife for such a correct decision. And also compliments to Sara and Vinson. I even recommended them to my friends who are going to get married soon.

小芳 and Samuel

我特別要多謝我結婚當晚的兩位司儀 Sara 和 Tim. 由於我有很多親戚朋友是特地從內地過來飲我這餐喜酒, 我一直擔心會讓他們感到婚宴很悶, 因為始終不懂廣東話, 習慣有不同. 幸好我先生聘請了SARA 和 TIM為我們的婚禮司儀, 他們待人熱情, 整個晚宴用兩種語言發揮. 司儀的國語跟我們北方人說的沒有區別. 我內地的親戚就感到好像在自己地方一樣, 一點都不悶. 多謝 HK Wedding Planner, 讓整個晚宴都很體面, 很熱鬧.

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